Emma Sloley: Travel and style writer




A whimsical conversation with said husband over a bottle of wine in Sydney ended in New York a few months later with the two of us standing in the West Village, nothing but three over-weight suitcases and a coffee maker to our name. To this day, I work out of the same garret, a fifth floor walkup off Bleecker that's alternately the most wonderful and terrible place on earth.

My New York career so far: I've narrowly avoided being savaged by a grizzly bear; talked politics with Tommy Hilfiger over Mint Juleps in Mustique; been reduced to tears by heartless Hollywood agents; watched the sun rise behind Angkor Wat and over the Masai Mara; survived a stay in an Ice Hotel (never again); been mistaken for Elle's Anne Slowey at Fashion Week (it's the name I guess);

written the first draft of a novel in a hacienda in Mexico; attended Elton John's Oscars party; been stranded in countless airports and regarded suspiciously by customs officers (Why do you travel so much? USA not good enough for you?); spent an entire day and evening in the Virgin Atlantic Lounge at Heathrow; swum with dolphins in Jamaica (depressing) and sharks in Bora Bora (exhilarating); endured a vigorous full-body scrubbing from a zaftig topless woman in an Istanbul hammam; declined the offer to have a snake wrapped around me in the Marrakech medina...and a whole lot of other things you can read about on the articles page.








I was born in Melbourne, Australia, one of four girls. An early failure at sport, I read voraciously, everything from the back of the shampoo bottle (what is Sodium Laureth Sulfate anyway?) to Annie Proulx. What my hero Kurt Vonnegut described as "an arrangement of twenty-six phonetic symbols, ten numerals, and about eight punctuation marks" seemed to me, as it did him, to be the world's single greatest source of entertainment. It was inevitable that I'd want to arrange those symbols, numerals and punctuation marks myself some day.

A six-year stint at Harper's BAZAAR Australia - where I worked my way from intern to acting deputy editor - gave me a lifelong penchant for beautiful clothes, punny headlines and the kind of shoes whose receipts must be stuffed deep to the back of the drawer where your husband can never find them.




Emma Sloley